ERBE Nail clipper with nipper handle soft grip


These ERBE nail clipper with nipper handle soft grip have a special lever mechanism so that nails can be clipped easily and cleanly with little effort.


The benefits of ERBE Nail clipper
with nipper handle soft grip

🔺Suitable for fingernails and toenails
🔺The ultra-sharp cutting edges cut even thick nails precisely and effortlessly
🔺Pliers nail clippers with spring lever mechanism
🔺Can be used both upright and upside down – so all nail edges can be reached easily and safely
🔺Ergonomic design with non-slip soft grip handle that sits comfortably in the hand
🔺The nail remnants are safely collected by the recesses on the sides
🔺Easy to clean
🔺Made from high-quality stainless steel

Can be used both upright


and upside down

ERBE nail clipper with nipper handle soft grip
for shortening fingernails and toenails

Fingernails and toenails that are too long can easily become brittle. It is therefore important to trim them regularly. To do this, you should use an instrument with perfectly sharpened cutting edges to ensure a cut that is gentle on the nails. If you have very strong, tough nails, you need an instrument with a high leverage effect to be able to cut these nails precisely with little effort. This allows the nail to be cut effectively and easily with just a few light “CLIPS”. The ERBE nail clipper with nipper handle Soft Grip combines all these important features.

ERBE nail clipper with nipper handle soft grip has ultra-sharp cutting edges and a spring-loaded lever mechanism that make it possible to cut delicate, normal and hard fingernails and toenails precisely and cleanly without splitting or fraying the nails.

When the pliers legs are pressed together, the pressure of the now closing blades is applied evenly to the nail, which makes clean cutting much easier.

The ERBE nail clipper can be used both upright and upside down. This means that all nail edges can be reached easily and safely in a comfortable position. The cutting edges are equally sharp and precisely ground at the top and bottom.

The ergonomically shaped soft grip handle sits particularly comfortably and securely in the hand. The rubberized surface prevents the gripping hand from slipping when cutting and ensures safe handling.

The recesses on the sides of the cutting edges prevent the nail remnants from snipping around and catch them safely. The opened clipper can be emptied simply by tipping it out to the side and the surrounding area remains clean.

Cleaning and disinfecting is very easy and convenient. All you need is a cotton bud and a little alcohol to disinfect.

The nail clipper is made of durable, forged stainless steel. For this reason, it is resistant to moisture and can be easily disinfected.

Conclusion: With these high-quality ERBE nail clippers, even strong nails can be cut effortlessly and gently. Whether for fingernails or toenails, it is the …

All-rounder for nail care


Art.-Nr.: 92690 (blue
Art.-Nr.: 92691 (green)
Art.-Nr.: 92692 (pink)

12,95 €

The application

The ERBE nail clipper with nipper handle soft grip should be applied to the nail in such a way that an one millimeter white nail edge remains to ensure that the nail is not cut too short and the sensitive cuticle is not damaged.

Clip in several small cuts. This method makes it possible to shorten the nails precisely and easily without damaging the cuticles. To do this, place the cutting edges gently against the nail and press the levers together carefully. The recesses on the sides catch the cut nail remnants safely.

Due to the ultra-sharp cutting edges, always use these clippers with care to achieve optimum results and avoid injuries.

To achieve a smooth nail edge, we recommend smoothing and sealing the nails afterwards with a nail file. The sapphire file is particularly suitable for this.


With the fine side (220 grit) of the dimensionally stable ERBE sapphire nail file, nails can be gently smoothed after shortening.

Additional features:
The tip is shaped as a nail cleaner, a cuticle pusher is integrated into the handle.


We recommend cleaning and disinfecting the Erbe Nail nipper-clipper soft grip after use to ensure its longevity. A cotton bud dipped in rubbing alcohol is very suitable for this purpose. A nail clipper should only be used by one person to avoid the transmission of any fungal diseases.


For safety reasons, diabetics and haemophiliacs should consult their doctor before use.

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