ERBE Solingen brand

Pedicure instruments for perfect results

Sustainably produced in Solingen

Also our ERBE products from the pedicure range are ideal for both self and professional applications.

We offer a wide range of nickel-plated, chromed, and sterilisable corrosion-resistant pedicure products.

And the ERBE product family NaturalLine also presents particularly eco friendly products of certified wood.

In addition, ERBE includes the following for the care and cleaning of toenails and cuticle removal:

  • Many models of cuticle nippers and cuticle removers
    for the reliable, simple removal of excess cuticle growth
  • Cuticle pushers
    for the gentle manipulation of cuticles
  • Ingrown toenail lifters (excavators)
    Ingrown toenail lifters are used to free and elevate ingrown toenails gently for further treatment. The ingrown toenail lifter is also ideal for cleaning the nail bed.
  • Spatulas
    suitable for lifting acrylic tips and toenails and applying salves and creams.
  • Curettes
    Ideal for work on and under the nail and at the nail bed and for cleaning nail edges
  • Nail edge files
    Nail edge files can be used to shape potentially ingrowing nail edges – even in places difficult to reach.
    Nail cleaner
    The nail cleaner is a simple solution for removing soiling under the nail
Hornhaut entfernen mit Skalpell
Fußpflege mit dem ERBE Löffel
Fusspflege mit dem ERBE Nagelknipser

For cutting toenails, we offer special toenail scissors with long handles that can apply great force to the cutting edges.

For the best results in shortening extremely hard toenails, there are the professional ERBE nail nippers sharpened by a master craftsman, and the ERBE nail clippers.

The coarse emery files are designed to shape both finger- and toenails.

Calluses can be treated easily with the ERBE callus removers. For particularly thick, stubborn callusing, we offer the ceramic foot file, the stainless steel foot file, the callus shaver, or the scalpel.

Normal callusing can be treated with the ERBE pedicure stone or the biodegradable wooden foot files. The skin beneath the callusing removed with one of the above products can be treated and smoothed with gentle foot files and pumice stones.

Our Hand Spa care peeling is not only ideal for the hands, but can also bring forth satin-soft feet.

Pediküre Instrumente zum Entfernen der Hornhaut


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