Taylor of Old Bond Street
Antica Barberia - Mondial

Shaving and bodycare cosmetics

Rasierkosmetik von Becker Solingen

So that you can choose from the best for you, we have studied in depth which of the available care products best harmonise with our ERBE range.

In doing so, we attached great importance to the following:

  • natural composition
  • excellent skin tolerance
  • unique scents
  • high quality at affordable prices

We are convinced that we have found in Taylor of Old Bond Street and Mondial Antica Barberia two exclusive cult brands representing decades of perfected expertise – just as we may claim of ourselves as well.

From these products made of natural essences in England and Italy, we have compiled a selection of the best shaving and bodycare products for you.

You will find in our range:

  • Shaving creams | Shaving soaps | Shaving gels | Shaving foams | Shaving sticks
    high yield, unique scents, beating easily to a fine-pored foam
  • Pre-shave gels | pre-shave oils
    as the perfect preparation for a gentle shave
  • Aftershave lotions and colognes
    with and without alcohol, for a feel-good cooling, antiseptic finish to the shave
  • Beard care products like beard waxes, beard conditioners, beard soaps, and beard tonics
  • Body and hand soaps | bath and shower gels
    for Her too, available as gift sets
  • Stick deodorants | body (talcum) powders | spray deodorants
  • Alum blocks and alum sticks
    for quickly staunching bleeds from nicks
  • 3 in 1 bay rums
    aftershave, eau de cologne, and hair lotion in one, revitalising, refreshing, and antiseptic effects
    facial moisturisers
    soothes and remoisturises the skin

Scents and ingredients like sandalwood, cedar, grapefruit, peppermint, lavender, lemon, rose, avocado, almond, coconut, aloe vera, and many more for revitalising, soothingly gentle, and attractive freshness.

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