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Made in Solingen

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Made in Solingen is a world famous brand that for many decades has been enjoying a high reputation for quality. Since 1938, this trademark has been protecting the steelware produced in Solingen against counterfeits.

About us

Based on Solingen knowhow passed down through three generations in the manufacture of high quality steelware, our ERBE instruments today rank among the world’s most acclaimed precision bodycare products.

Our manicure, pedicure, and cosmetics instruments and our straight razors are produced with great care and passion with the aid of ultra modern automation systems, robots, and experienced Solingen master craftsmen. At the same time, particular importance is attached to environmentally friendly production processes.

Each and every product is inspected separately and meticulously before leaving the production halls.

Solinger Stahlwaren Produktionsbilder
Scherenschleifen in Solingen

Our company BECKER Solingen has been certified, honoured with awards, and accepted as a member by the following:

  • DIN EN ISO 9001 certified
  • DIN EN ISO 14001 certified
  • IVSH, Germany’s industrial association for cutting and household goods
  • Ethical Style by Nordstil for sustainable production
  • in the HDS/L – Bundesverband der Schuh- und Lederwarenindustrie e.V. (Federal Association of the Shoe and Leather Goods Industry).
  • Association Vereine Creditreform e. V.
  • Trademark Association Edelstahl Rostfrei e.V. (Stainless Steel)
  • in the Bergisch-Rheinischer Wasserverband (Water Association)
  • in the Association of Deutsche Manufakturen (German Manufactories) – Handmade in Germany e. V.
  • EcoVadis – provider of corporate sustainability ratings

These are our safeguards for high product quality and shipments to schedule – also for large quantities

Certificate ISO 9001:2015
Certificate ISO 9001:2015
Certificate ISO 14001:2015
Certificate ISO 14001:2015
Becker Solingen Firmengebaeude
Tüv Saarland 9001 14001 IVSH Ethical Style HDSL Logos
Creditreform Rostfrei Wasserverband Deutsche Manufaktur ecovadis Logos


Ethical Style 2024 by Nordstil
Logo DIN EN ISO 14001 für umweltfreundliche Produktion

When we were accepted for Ethical Style 2024 by Nordstil, we received our award for our environmentally friendly, resource-saving production.

We commission DIN EN ISO 14001 audits regularly on our nature-friendly production processes.

The Ethical Style Award distinguishes

eco friendly materials, re-/upcycling design, and the lifecycle design concept: products of eco friendly materials, or recyclable or reparable products.

The materials steel and plastic used in our production processes can be completely melted down and recycled.
The products themselves are reparable or resharpenable.

Edelstahl Rohware bei Becker Solingen
Wasserwiederaufbereitungsanlage bei Becker Solingen

Eco optimised production: Optimised manufacturing process for conservation of resources, e.g. energy, water, waste.

  • We generate electricity with our own combined heat and power (CHP) plant
  • Our wastewater treatment plant cleans discharged water and treats it for resupply
  • We recycle virtually all production residue

Fair and social production: products manufactured in social institutions and/or under socially acceptable conditions.

  • For decades, Becker Solingen products have been packaged reliably by local social institutions and nonprofit workshops.
ERBE Produkte verpacken
Pinzetten schleifen bei der Herstellung der Solinger Stahlwaren

Handmade manufacturing: handcrafted products that preserve and promote craftsmanship.

Becker Solingen products are sharpened professionally by Solinger master craftsmen. Solingen, the City of Blades, is world famous for this craftsmanship.

And we can do this too:
Nickel-free, anti-allergenic surface coatings


Our solution for nickel allergies

We also offer you perfectly nickel-free finished bodycare products of the best quality.

By creating our own, new coating procedure for metal surfaces VITALOY®, we have created a special method for the long-lived, absolutely nickel-free finishing of metal surfaces.

Matt or glossy, including combinations with chrome or gold plating, metal parts can now be protected reliably against tarnish and corrosion. Their good opacity and great hardness can even withstand heavy deformation. The surface does not crack and remains protected. This successfully passed a long-term, varied series of intensive laboratory testing.

Nickelfreie Oberflächenbeschichtungen

Surface coatings
– including services for other sectors

Our ultra modern, fully automated electroplating plant also enables us to operate as a service provider for surface coatings in other sectors, including e.g. automotive, sanitary, costume jewellery, etc.

Vollautomatische Galvanisierungsanlage bei Becker-Solingen
Beispiel für Dienstleistungen der Oberflächenveredelung

All parts up to 15 cm can be finished with chrome, gold, or nickel plating, or nickel-free in our own halls, reliably, quickly, and in three shifts.

We look forward to your request.


In 1930, Erich Becker, founder and namesake of the ERBE brand, interpreted the signs of the times correctly and started to specialise in manicure products.
This proved to be a wise decision, for these times heralded the boom of the bodycare segment.

Erich Becker Firmengründer

Erich Becker
* 1901 † 1968
Founder and Managing Director
1930 – 1968

Fahrzeugflotte Becker Solingen 70 Jahre
Siegfried Becker

Siegfried Becker
* 1935 † 2016
Managing Director
1968 – 2006

His son, Siegfried Becker, took over the company in 1968.

In the 1950s, he played a major role in the development of the special coating applied to the sapphire nail files, today enjoying high world demand. The company’s electroplating department continued to modify and tweak this invention 24 hours a day until it evolved into a highly successful form. Over the years, this coating type was refined to perfection by the BECKER Solingen team.

The 1980s witnessed the addition of further shaving accessories and shavecare products to the product portfolio.

ERBE Solingen Produkt Historie

In 2006, Michael Becker, grandson of the founder, took over the helm of this family owned company, now in the third generation, together with his brother-in-law Armin Dietrich as the plant manager.

Both men are committed particularly towards continuing the company’s mission that has been moulding its business practices for decades: producing the best Solingen quality under particularly resource-saving, sustainable conditions.

Geschäftsführer Michael Becker

Michael Becker
* 1971
Managing Director since 2006

Firmengebäude Historie


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