ERBE Solingen brand

Cosmetic mirrors
Ideal for makeup, facial care, and shaving

Mädchen spiegeln sich in den ERBE Kosmetik-Spiegeln

Mirror, mirror on the wall?

ERBE can offer a lot more than that!
Upright mirrors, folding mirrors, pocket mirrors, hand mirrors … for swivelling and magnifying, with LED lighting and many other extras.

Ideal for cosmetics and shaving. The cosmetic mirrors offer the best view

  • of the skin for makeup
  • of skin impurities for facial cleansing
  • of the finest hairs for plucking facial hair and eyebrows or
  • of the skin for shaving

Upright mirrors

  • Of various sizes
  • With various magnification factors
  • With or without LED lighting
  • Coated, scratch-resistant foot
ERBE mirrors standing together
cosmetic mirror from becker solingen beautifully presented

Pocket mirrors

  • Practical, pocket-sized folding mirrors
  • With or without magnification
  • With or without LED lighting
  • Battery-powered

Cosmetic mirrors

  • With suction cups suitable for all smooth surfaces
  • With magnification factor
  • With LED lighting
  • Battery-powered
led mirror with suction cup photographed at an angle


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