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Manicure instruments

Sustainably produced in Solingen with knowhow since 1930

Our ERBE premium products are ideal for the perfect bodycare at home and for professional applications.

The ERBE nail scissors feature characteristic microteeth for even greater precision and gentleness for shaping nails. These are also available in lefthand versions for easier nail shaping on the right hand.

Mikrozahnung der ERBE Nagelschere
Kombischere Titan Edition von Erbe

Combined nail and cuticle scissors are suitable for both removing cuticles and shaping finger- and toenails. Our Titanium Edition models feature a unique self-sharpening effect for a particularly long service life. This model has received several awards.

For cuticle care, the ERBE range presents cuticle scissors, cuticle nippers, cuticle pushers, hoofsticks, cuticle knives, rosewood sticks, and cuticle care oil.

Nagelhaut zurückschieben mit ERBE Hufstaebchen
Nägel feilen mit ERBE Nagelfeile

An exhaustive range of nail files offers the right choice for all needs and applications: glass nail files, ceramic files, grooved files, emery paper files, and sapphire files can be used for shortening, shaping, smoothing, evening out, and polishing and for removing artificial nails.

The special coating on sapphire nail files was invented many decades ago by Siegfried Becker and his team on their electroplating plant, and today has been perfected by the BECKER Solingen team.

Nail clippers and nail nippers present a rounded geometry for shortening nails to their natural curved shape.

All ERBE instruments are nickel-plated, partially or fully gold-plated, finished nickel-free, or made of stainless steel.

Nagelpflege mit dem ERBE Nagelknipser

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