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ERBE Solingen since 1930


The Solingen premium brand ERBE has become synonymous with the care needed in the manicure, pedicure, cosmetics, and shaving fields. Founded by ERich BEcker in 1930, the brand has today evolved into the global standard for bodycare products.

Our ERBE steelware is created with the passion for precision and expertise. Our Solingen production areas give rise to minor masterpieces of form and function – with the focus always on perfection and sustainability.

This mixture makes that crucial difference:

  • in today’s times no longer a matter of course, so especially worthy of mention: guaranteed Made in Solingen|Germany.
  • made of select, high quality, recyclable materials
  • combined with the perfected, traditional Solingen sharpening techniques handed down through many decades
  • linked to modern, environmentally friendly automation

Original Solingen bodycare products for years of pleasure – guaranteed when applied correctly.

gepflegte Hände

ERBE manicure instruments

Nail scissors, cuticle scissors, combined nail and cuticle scissors, cuticle nippers, nail nippers, nail files, nail clippers, cuticle pushers, cuticle cleaners, cuticle removers, nail knives, etc.

ERBE pedicure instruments

Nail nippers, toenail scissors, foot files, callus shavers, excavators, fine-pointed nippers, ingrown toenail lifters, pumice stones, etc.

Pediküre Instrumente zum Entfernen der Hornhaut
Frau zupft ihre Augenbrauen mit Pinzette von Erbe

ERBE cosmetics instruments

Tweezers, beard scissors, hair scissors, eyelash curlers, blackhead removers, etc.

ERBE manicure sets

ERBE offers many sizes, shapes, and colours of both classical and trendy leather cases providing the optimal protection for your Solingen instruments, whether at home or en route.

Maniküre Set von ERBE
Mann reist mit Kulturtasche von ERBE

ERBE toilet bags

All important bodycare products can be placed in these handy ERBE leather toilet bags for your travels. Yet these durable, appealing toilet bags keep your care utensils sorted neatly and tidily at home as well.

ERBE shaving accessories

The men can choose from a wide, diverse range of perfect, gentle shaving products

  • exclusive shaving kits
  • straight razors and cartridge razors with various established blade systems
  • synthetic, badger, or silvertip shaving brushes
  • razor blade sharpeners
  • decorative shaving kit stands, …

… and a large selection of additional shaving accessories.

Erbe Rasier-Artikel
Erbe Kosmetik-Spiegel

ERBE cosmetic mirrors

ERBE cosmetic mirrors are ideal for shaving, eyebrow plucking, facial cleansing, makeup checks – also on the road – and a great many other good things. Most of them come with two mirror types: 1:1 and with other magnifications.


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ERBE sales aids at the POS

We provide these salesroom nacelles to our dealers on request. Everything you need to know you can learn in a personal advisory talk with our service staff.

Verkaufsgondel von ERBE
Erbe Produktverpackungen

Our appealing stands and packaging can be placed in the salesroom, on the counter, on the shelves, or on your perforated wall.

For dealers only:
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ERBE Fusspflege Display
ERBE Keramik Hornhaut-Fußraspel Display

PEDI - Callus plane from Solingen

PEDI Logo - Hornhauthobel aus Solingen

Original Solinger
Callus plane and blades

PEDI Callus plane with feet

PEDI callus plane

The PEDI callus plane with its slim, handy solid handle is characterised by its high-quality workmanship and comfortable handling. The metal front part is made of a high-quality chrome layer for a secure hold of the blade.

YES – the youth line from Becker

YES Solingen Logo

Original Solingen
manicure, pedicure, and cosmetics articles

Yes Verpackungen und Displays

Our YES range of beauty products has been representing Solingen quality in the best price-performance bracket for many decades.

The clearly structured YES range presents itself as young and feminine in appealing retail packaging and is found predominantly in self-service outlets, e.g. pharmacies.

Taylor of Old Bond Street – since 1854

Exclusive sales in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland | BECKER Solingen

Taylor of Old Bond Street Logo

The traditional cult brand from London

Shaving and bodycare products of natural essences – free of parabens

Kult Ladenlokal in der Jermyn Street in London von Taylor

From 1930, the business was continued by Sydney Taylor, who translated the family’s expertise into such business acumen that he opened a second salon on the equally reputable Jermyn Street.

The secret of success for Taylor of Old Bond Street is provided by the high standards that its products represent with simple elegance, stylistic confidence, and high quality, and its accumulated knowhow.

As the exclusive dealer for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, we are proud to offer these brand products of genuine, worldwide cult status. The products form the ideal complement to our ERBE shaving accessories.

Taylor of Old Bond Street
– a family owned company of London

Made in England

For over 150 years, the traditional London company Taylor of Old Bond Street has been specialising in men’s natural, particularly skin-friendly care products.

The barber Jeremias Taylor gained an outstanding reputation in nineteenth-century Victorian England. At his barber’s salon he had opened in 1854, he used exclusively natural essences for shaving and haircare, and his business soon attracted a large customer basis to the famous Old Bond Street in London’s West End.

Taylor Rasierpflege Produkte


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Exclusive sales in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland | BECKER Solingen

Mondial Antica Barberia – since 1908

Antica Barberia Mondial Logo

Luxury, skin-friendly shaving cosmetics and beard care for the modern trend scout

Mondial Antica Barberia Rasierpflege Produkte

The history of Mondial began in the year 1908 in Florence, when the founder and his family discovered their passion for shaving and bodycare.

With great love for detail, he developed from natural essences and agents an appealing range of masculine scents for his Antica Barberia shaving and beard care series.
Long since established among modern trendsetters, this Italian cult brand is renowned for its superior shaving properties and unique scent worlds.

All products are made of natural materials, without additives: the guarantee for perfect shaving results and soft, smooth, fresh skin. The constituent essential oils nourish and vitalise the skin.

Made in Italy

Mondial Rasierseife Anwendung


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